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  • How can I create my User Id and Password to login to AxisDirect Portal?

    After your AxisDirect Account is opened, you can create your User ID and password in three steps as follows if you have an active debit card linked to your Axis Bank account which is mapped to your AxisDirect Trading Account:- 

    Step I - Enter your PAN or Form Number, Debit Card number, Card Expiry and Pin

    Step II - Enter the user ID of your choice and password. (system would prompt the password Policy in case password entered by you doesn't adhere to the Policy and also in case the User ID is already taken by some other client)

    Step III - You will be shown email ID registered for your account. If it is correct you can cliick on Proceed to complete registration process. Now, the last thing you need to do is activation of your account by clicking on the verification link sent to your email ID.

    In case it is not correct, you can opt to modify the same and enter your correct email ID and click on Proceed. From Next trading day onward, you will start receiving all communication from AxisDirect on your new email ID. You will need to activate your account by clicking on the verification link sent to your email ID.

    In Step I, Instead of Debit Card, you can also use the I-code in case you have received it with your Account Opening Form. In case you have lost your I-code, you can retrieve the same on your registered mobile number via SMS by clicking on 'Send I-code on SMS'. (SMS feature available only for Resident Indians)

    As a Guest user, without opening AxisDirect Account, you can create your user ID and Password. You need to go to, click on Login and select option - Become 'Guest user' NOW !  This opens a registration form. After filling the basic information in this form, you can create your User ID and password as a Guest user to access limited features on AxisDirect Portal

  • How can I open an account with AxisDirect?

    You can click on the open an account button provided on our website and leave us your contact details. Our representative will visit you to complete the account opening formalities.

  • How do I activate Trade on Phone service for my account?

    To activate the Trade on Phone services, please call us at our Toll free number 1800 210 0808 and select option 3 from the list of main menu options played on IVR System and follow the instructions thereafter.

  • How does the trading process work during the Periodic Call Auction Session (PCAS)?

    The order entry period lasts only for 45 minutes, during which orders can be entered, modified and cancelled. This period ends randomly during the last one minute (between the 44th and 45th minute). The random stoppage is  exchange driven. The next step is the order matching and confirmation period, which lasts for 15 minutes during which the opening price is determined and trades are executed.

  • How is Average Trade Price of Options Open Position is calculated under Open Positions page?

    Open Positions page is essential for tracking for intraday positions

    The average trade price mentioned in the Open Position page is calculated by considering the day’s net trade value with total open position quantity.

    All carry forward Option contracts will be taken at Nil value for the purpose of calculation of current average trade price.

    For average trade price of intraday option trades, kindly refer ‘Day’s trade’ page and for average trade price of carry forward option positions, kindly refer ‘My portfolio’

  • I have not received my activation mail. How do I get my activation mail?

    You can login to our and then click on " Support > Login Support > Activate Your Account ". A request form will open wherein you are required to provide your basic details for verification. Once the details are verified you will receive the activation link on your registered email id.

  • I have received my activation mail but when I click on the activation link I get a message that my activation link is expired. What should I do?

    Link expires within 72 hours after you receive the activation mail which is actually your email verification mail. In such case you can login to AxisDirect Portal. You will receive a pop-up which will have an option to resen the activation mail.  You need to click on the 'Resend' button on this pop-up

  • What are the account opening charges?

    You have to pay a nominal fees of Rs. 999/- as one time account opening charges to open a 3-in-1 account with us. 

  • What are the different brokerage plans offered by AxisDirect?

    AxisDirect offers 3 types of brokerage plans: Fixed, Variable and Subscription plan. Please contact the nearest Axis Bank or Axis Securities branch for information on Subscription plan. Please refer Charges and Subscription for further details.

  • What category of stocks are traded in Periodic Call Auction Session (PCAS)?

    Scrips which are categorized by the Exchange as 'illiquid securities' are traded in the Periodic Call Auction Session (PCAS).

  • What is Trade-On-Phone service?

    Trade-on-Phone service facilitates placing of Order through a dealer.  The Toll Free No. is 1800 210 0808.

  • What order types are accepted under this segment?

    Only Limit Orders (including Limit IOC Orders) are accepted under this segment. Market Orders are not allowed.

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