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Harness the power of stock markets

Investing in stocks was never this simple. Axis Direct platform empowers you with everything you need to trade Stocks – be it financial education, market data, high quality research or powerful tools – you get it all at one place.

View Equity Products
  • Invest Long Term

    With our Cash product. Pay full and get shares in your Demat account.

  • Invest Systematically

    With our Equity SIP product. Create wealth over time without having to time the market.


Hedge or Speculate on the price movement of Stocks / Index

Whether you're an equity trader new to derivatives trading or a seasoned veteran, we can help you pursue trading strategies with powerful trading platforms, sharp research, and the education and support you need.

  • Leverage

    With relatively lesser capital, more exposure can be achieved.

  • Flexibility

    Used in a wide range of strategies from conservative to aggressive.

  • Low on Cost

    No Demat transactions - Brokerage for delivery positions is much lesser than that on Equity.

  • Futures

    Allows you to hedge your positions or take leveraged bets on stocks & indices

  • Options

    A financial derivative contract that allows you right to buy or sell stock or indices at predetermined price on future date

Mutual Funds

Your money in Professional hands

Too busy to track your investments? Let professionals do it for you. With us, you also get the flexibility to choose from more than 6000 schemes across 23 Mutual Fund companies

Why Mutual Fund ?
  • Professionally Managed

    Professional Fund Managers smartly invest your money by picking investment opportunities.

  • Diversification

    Investment across sectors helps you diversify your portfolio.

  • Liquidity

    Ease of investing and withdrawing at any point of time.

  • Transparency

    Get regular update on the value of your investment.

  • Well Regulated

    Regulated by SEBI to protect your interest.

  • ZERO Transaction Cost

    We charge no transaction fee on Mutual Fund Investments.


Small Investment. Big Diversification.

Want to invest in Gold without the risk of theft or storage cost? Want to enjoy the same returns as the indices like Nifty or Sensex but don’t have those huge amounts required to invest in 50 or 30 stocks? Invest in Exchange Traded Funds and get the opportunity to intelligently create diversified portfolios with small amount

Why ETFs ?
  • Invest in Gold

    he smart way with Gold ETFs - get units representing physical gold. Buy and sell them with ease like stocks. 

  • Invest in Index

    Get returns that closely correspond to the Index of your choice like Nifty, CPSE, Bank Nifty, CNX 100 etc.

  • Invest in Global Indices

    Like Nasdaq 100 and Hang Seng with ETFs linked to these indices

  • Invest in Bonds / Debt

    to diversify your portfolio to get stable returns with ETFs linked to debt funds

Systematic Investment Plans

Achieve your goals, step-by-step

Attain your set goals systematically with a SIP solution. Start with small amounts regularly and create BIG wealth over a period of time.

  • Go lighter on Wallet

    Start an SIP as low as Rs. 1000 per month without having to strain your wallet.

  • Compound Investments

    With the power of compounding, your investments are likely to multiply faster 

  • Rupee Cost Averaging

    Invest across market cycles and reduce the effect of market volatility. Benefit from averaging your purchase cost.

  • Diversify your Portfolio

    By investing small amounts in SIPs you can diversify your portfolio.

  • Invest Regularly

    Inculcate the habit of disciplined investing.

  • Invest when you want to

    Choose your preferred frequency – daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly

  • Invest the way you want to

    Choose a pre-defined quantity of stocks or an amount you want to invest.

  • Pause & Restart at will

    Choose to start, stop, pause and restart your SIP anytime you want to.

  • Be your own Fund Manager

    Add upto 10 stocks in a single SIP order and create a bouquet of your choice online.


Be the part of tomorrow’s growth stories

Excited about a company getting listed on the exchange and want to participate in it’s growth story ? Invest in IPOs online with Axis Direct account. Zero hassles. Zero paperwork

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