We are a part of the lineage of Axis Group and a proud subsidiary of Axis Bank – India’s 3rd largest private sector bank and the choice of more than 20 million clients. Making innovation and passion our motto, we have grown step-by-step in a short span of time. As the Axis Securities team, we are committed to provide the investment solutions and to offer a wide spectrum of Axis bank’s offerings to our customers.

Your Financial Needs. Our Solutions.

Let not finances stop you from dreaming big. Offering you a wide spectrum of financial solutions as distributors of Axis Bank’s products. So whether it’s your dream home, a luxury vacation or starting your own venture, fulfill your dreams here.

Home Loan

If rising real estate prices have pushed the house you coveted beyond your budget, Axis Bank’s unmatched home loans will put it within reach.Apply Now

Personal Loan

Be it a dream vacation, child's education, home renovation or wedding in your family, you can instantly fulfill your aspirations with Axis Bank's Personal Loans.Apply Now

Loan Against Gold

Realize the true power of your gold when you opt for Axis Bank’s Loan Against Gold. With the convenience of getting disbursement on the same day, finances are now within your reach.Apply Now

Loan Against Property

Unlock the potential of your property- residential or commercial, with Axis Bank's Loan Against Property. These solutions can be ideal for meeting business plans or fulfilling personal requirements.Apply Now

SME Loan

Timely availability of credit is critical for Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) to scale new heights. SME Loan solutions from Axis Bank lets you focus on your business needs and cater to your financing needs. Apply Now

Auto Loan

That dream car you always aspired to own can now be within your reach with flexible, quick and cost-effective Auto Loans from Axis Bank.Apply Now

Loan Against Shares

Axis Bank's Loan against Shares let you leverage your investment in shares for loans and meet your financial requirements without having to liquidate your other assetsApply Now

Commercial Vehicle & Construction Equipment

Avail Axis Bank’s Commercial Vehicle & Construction Equipment loans that suit your business the best, without losing time & efforts in arranging the right kind of finance facility.Apply Now

Your Investments. Our Innovation

Our flagship brand offers simplified investment solutions. Stay on top of your investments at all times through our powerful research, advanced tools and multiple trading platforms.

  • Equity

    Make faster, smarter and better trading decisions with AxisDirect. Harness the power of the equity stock markets by empowering yourself with our quality research, advanced tools & powerful platforms.

  • Initial Public Offering

    Be a part of investment action by investing in IPOs online through AxisDirect. Minus the hassles & paperwork.

  • Derivatives

    Whether you're an equity trader new to derivatives trading or a seasoned veteran, we can help you pursue trading strategies with powerful trading platforms, right research and the education you need.

  • Mutual Fund

    Too busy to track your investments? Let professionals do it for you. With us, you also get the flexibility to choose from more than 6000 schemes across 23 Mutual Fund companies.

  • SIP

    Little drops make the mighty ocean. Investments are no different. Start with small amounts regularly and create BIG wealth over a period of time. 

  • ETFs

    Invest in Exchange Traded Funds and get the opportunity to intelligently create diversified portfolios even with small amounts. 

  • NCDs, Bonds and Company FDs

    These fixed income instruments may produce lesser returns than stocks but will give a touch of stability to your portfolio.

  • Tax Planning

    Our online Tax Savings Solutions help to reduce your tax burden and at the same time, aim to grow your money through equity investments.

Our Culture


    We pledge to run the last mile in whatever we do and go beyond the ordinary. We believe in raising the bar, each time.


    All that matters is merit and how we use it in whatever we do. Merit is what counts, merit is what gets rewarded.


    Customer indeed is the king and to keep the king pleased we always strive. The customer is the center of everything that we do.


    Ideas don’t come in hierarchy nor the people. New ideas are welcomed &transparency is encouraged across.

  • Team Work

    We don’t stop at 100%, we believe in going further! We also know the individual members make a great team that can together achieve leaps & bounds.


    We know the simplest solutions are the most difficult to find and we are up to that challenge every minute. Simplicity for us is a mindset, an attitude we live by.

Awards & Accolades

  • 2019

    Top Equity Broker of the Year

    BSE Commodity Equity Outlook Award

  • 2019

    First Foot Forwards on Evolving Regulatory Developments

    MCX Awards 2019

  • 2018

    Enabling Better Online Trading

    DMA Asia ECHO Awards (Silver)

  • 2018

    Top Equity Broker of the Year

    BSE Commodity Equity Outlook Award

  • 2018

    Best Marketing Innovation

    7th ACEF Global Customer Engagement Award 2018

  • 2018

    Best Email Marketing Campaign

    DIGIXX 2018 Award

  • 2018

    Best Email Marketing Campaign

    8th India Digital Awards by IAMAI (Bronze)

  • 2017

    India's Best Website Design Project

    Indi POOL Best Design Studio Awards 2017

  • 2017

    Best Web/E-commerce

    DMA India CREATEFFECT Awards (Bronze)

  • 2017

    Top Equity Broker of the Year

    BSE Commodity Equity Outlook Award

  • 2016

    Effectiveness in Financial Products and Services

    DMA Asia ECHO Awards (Gold)

  • 2016

    Best Use of Email Marketing

    DMA International ECHO Awards (Gold)

  • 2016

    Best Equity Research - Technical

    Zee Business Market Excellence Award

  • 2016

    Marketing Innovation Award

    DMA India Awards (Gold) 

  • 2015

    Best Growing Equity Broking House (Retail) 

    BSE D&B Equity broking Awards

  • 2015

    Effectiveness in Financial Products and Services

    DMA Asia ECHO Awards (Bronze)

  • 2014

    Best Growing Equity Broking House (Retail)

    BSE - D&B Equity broking Awards

  • 2013

    Fastest Growing Equity Broking House (Mid-size)

    BSE - D&B Equity broking Awards