Managed Accounts

A unique offering that empowers you to build a curated portfolio befitting your wealth needs. With managed accounts, you get the benefit of personalized, customized and economical portfolio management services at zero brokerage.


Premium Features

  • Managed by experts

    Leverage our carefully curated portfolio management as per your financial vision.

  • Customization

    Reap the benefits of tailor-made solutions attuned to your investment goals and risk appetite.

  • Market Orientation

    Stay a step ahead with forward-looking portfolios as per changing market dynamics.

Our Unique Pillars

Multi-factor quantitative models

Macroeconomic regime modeling and Multifactor models selection
Value, Growth, Quality, Momentum and Special Situations
Top-Down Macro Overlay

Bottom-up Stock picking:

Detailed financial modeling with quarterly and annual earnings forecasts

In-depth Discussions with companies' management

Risk Management

Volatility and Valuation frameworks to manage portfolio risk and orientation

Forensic analysis and screeners to determine the addressable universe

Find The Strategy that’s Right Fit for You!

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Axis Pure Contra

Key Factor models and Investment Styles
Value Investing
Momentum Investing
Special Situations

Risk Management
Portfolio beta management based on volatility forecasting
Portfolio leverage management
Cash Positions in the portfolio
Sector Rotation
Forensic Analysis

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Axis Pure Growth

Key Factor models and Investment Styles
Growth Investing
Quality Investing

Risk Management
Market Cap orientation (Large vs. Mid vs.Small) based on volatility forecasting
Low Volatility stock selection
PE management based on macroeconomic regime modeling
Forensic Analysis

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Axis Customized
(₹.10 cr. and above)

Key Factor models and Investment Styles
Combination of multiple factors as per personalized investment strategy
Investment as per customer’s risk adjusted return e.g thematic, mid/small cap,concentrated portfolio etc

Risk Management
Market Cap orientation ( Mid vs. Small or bottom up stock picking ) based on volatility forecasting.
PE management based on macroeconomic regime modeling
Structural story or sectoral or individual stock opportunity
Entry & exit strategy

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Key Factor models and Investment Styles
Growth at reasonable price
High Quality without paying premium

Risk Management
Entry: Targeting High Growth Phase of the company
Exit: Significant change in industry structure or deviation from said strategy
Float and Moat – both are equally important
Investment across the Manufacturing Universe of diversified Mid Cap, Industries and Sub sectors

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Alpha Sense AI

Key Factor models and Investment Styles
A Process-Driven Approach of ‘Adaptive Investing’ using multi-factor strategy
Powerful Ranking & Grading system to identify core factors rankings for the well known factors
Factor selection framework using S’AS Approach
Winner selection is on the basis of merit which aligns with evolving market conditions

Risk Management
Eliminates list of companies with Low Quality and High Volatility score
Coverage universe reduced to 240 Stocks from Top 500 stocks
Risk Parity Optimization to reduce the volatility
‘Adaptive Investing’to make investments as per economic environment and market conditions

Exclusive Service for a Chosen Few

HNI and NRI customers with a minimum investment of ₹50 lakh and above through fund or stock transfer.

Experienced Team


Naveen Kulkarni
(Chief Investment Officer)

With his extensive experience, Naveen brings a unique perspective on markets to lead investment policy and strategy at Axis Securities. As the Chief Investment Officer, he is responsible for providing bespoke investment solutions catering to needs of various investors.
Naveen has over 20 years experience in the financial services and telecom Sector.

Nishit Master
(Fund Manager)

Through his diverse experience in both Buy side & Sell side firms brings in a fresh perspective on markets at Axis Securities. As fund manager, he is responsible for generating superior risk adjusted returns for customers as per their mandate.
Nishit has more than 18 years of experience in the financial services industry and has worked with leading financial institutions.


Mr. Neeraj Gaurh
(Fund Manager)

Neeraj is passionate about analysing businesses and thrives on conducting hands-on, ground level research on markets at Axis Securities. As a Fund Manager, he assumes the responsibility of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns that align with the specific mandates of our clientele.
Neeraj has nearly two decades of experience in the Financial Services and has worked with leading financial institutions.


Axis Securities has named its Portfolio Management Services as ‘Managed Accounts’. In case of NDPMS the customer need to provide transaction level approval and in case of DPMS the discretion of investment will be of the Portfolio Manager.
  • Professional portfolio management services
  • Dedicated fund management team
  • Long term investment portfolio approach with active management
  • Fund Management Team monthly MEMO with details of Market Outlook and Portfolio entry and exit
  • Multiple Strategies to invest as per your need
  • Portfolio customization as per client preference for HNI customers for investment of ₹. 10 crore and above

DPMS - Minimum ₹50 Lakh and above.

No, there is no lock-in period, however there will be an exit load of 3% for the first year, 2% for the second year & 1% for the third year, applicable on the withdrawal amount. 4th year onwards there is no exit load.
  1. Dedicated log in with details of all reports
  2. Fund Management MEMO- which provides details of strategy management
  3. Yearly Balance sheet and Profit and Loss
  1. Pure Growth - Growth & Quality are the key investment styles for Pure Growth mandate
  2. Pure Contra - Value, Cyclical/Momentum & Special Situation are the key investment styles for Pandurangre Contra mandate
  3. Kaizen - Growth at reasonable price & Quality focussed on Manufacturing theme is the mandate for Kaizen strategy
  4. Alpha Sense AI - New dimension of investing using Proprietary AI Scoring based investment strategy
  5. Customized Strategy - Unique and personalized solution for ₹. 10 crore and above investment with a specific need based mandates

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