Artificial Intelligence based investment ideas

Designed for success with personalised research based investment ideas supported by Axis Securities in house automated tools.

What Is Axis Intellect?

An innovative AI & ML (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) based unique investment approach, that boosts your opportunity for earning potential gains in the long term. 'Axis Intellect Score' is the in-house Axis Securities proprietary model built to analyze over 1.5 million data points for shortlisting stocks for investments.

*AI Score is a distinctive score generated through a robust ranking & grading system to identify factor rankings for well-known factors such as value, growth, quality, momentum, low volatility, high beta, dividend yield, size and earning momentum.

Automated investment ideas designed for better potential gains

Detailed analysis for stock selection

The in-house proprietary model suggests stock ideas based on analysis of 1.5 million data points to get you the suitable investment stocks.

The power of technology

Seize attractive opportunities by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning that capture new patterns and complex relationships with ease.

Unbiased investment approach

Focused and disciplined investing with predictive power of a machine and structured data with in house statistical factor modelling for cherry-picking stocks without any human bias.

Tailor-made choices

Enjoy investments that are personalized basis theme, time, market trends, amount of investment and catering your investment needs.

Absolute transparency

Axis Intellect Score-driven stock ideas sent to you for your approval before execution.

Robust platform for simplified investment

Hassle free access to track your investments and ease of rebalancing, which simplifies your investment goals.

Axis Intellect for long-term benefits

  • Align to your wealth goals

    Investments strategies that create a winning investments, suited to your financial future without pre-conceived notions or biasness.

  • Convenient tracking

    Experience round the clock automated dynamic investments tracking that identifies market dynamics through scientific data analysis.

  • Lower the risk

    Suggestions on replacement of stocks as per AI Score through monitoring and for rebalancing your investments.

  • Complete flexibility

    Create investments backed by strong and consistent out-performance track record in the long-term starting as low as Rs. 2 lakhs.

Axis Intellect investments

Experience the power of in-house proprietary quantitative statistical modelling with a focused approach for creating an efficient investments by auto analysing millions of combinations to identify the suitable stock baskets to fulfil your unique investment objectives.

Balanced AI

Featured with a balanced multi-factor strategy approach that is suitable for all evolving market environments to get optimum potential returns while significantly reducing risk in the long term.

  • Min. Investment: Rs. 2 Lakhs
  • Benchmark Index: NSE 500 TRI

Aggresive AI

Based on quantitative dynamic multi-factor strategy approach, these investments adjusts the factor exposure according to the economic environment and the overall market condition and enables you to earn potential higher gains.

  • Min. Investment: Rs. 2 Lakhs
  • Benchmark Index: NSE 500 TRI

Simple steps to subscribe

Step 1
Choose your investment theme and select the stock ideas
Step 2
Confirm the investment type (Lumpsum) and enter the amount
Step 3
Relax while investments work for you and avail smart potential returns
Step 4
Rebalance your investments as per suggestions provided for optimum long term potential gains

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