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Investing in stocks was never this simple. AxisDirect platform empowers you with everything you need to trade Stocks be it financial education, market data, high quality research or powerful tools you get it all at one place.

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  • Historically, equity oriented investments have provided superior returns as compared to any other asset class. Essentially, equity refers buying shares in a company. Equities empowers your investment portfolio and enables you to meet your financial goals over a longer time horizon.

    With Nifty index considered as the benchmark, the average annual return of the stock market over the period of last fifteen years, has been around 16%. After taxes, most fixed income instruments after inflation adjusted returns have given a miniscule return.

    Equities although risky in the shorter term have proven the potential to provide higher returns. Hence, it's recommended to remain invested in equities with a longer time horizon. Depending on your familiarity with stock markets, you can directly invest in shares of various publicly traded companies or, invest through Mutual Fund route, where you can purchase units and diversify your investments across various stocks.

    AxisDirect platform empowers you with everything you need to trade in stocks. Through our simplified Learn module, you can educate yourself in a fun way and also know why investing in equities is critical. Through our high quality & award winning research you get the best investment ideas to suit your investment portfolio. Investing in the market has never been easier.

  • Invest Long Term

    With our Cash product. Pay full buy value and get shares in your Demat account.

  • Invest Systematically

    With our Equity SIP product. Create wealth over time without having to time the market.

  • Buy Now Pay Later

    With our e-margin product. Pay as low as 20% now and carry trades for 5 days.

  • Buy Now. Sell Tomorrow

    With our Inter-Settlement product. It helps you take advantage of tomorrow�s market movements.

  • Buy and Sell Today

    With our intraday product. Pay as low as 15% and make most of market opportunities today.

  • Trade upto 25 times Today

    With our Cover product. Assign stop-loss and trade up to 25 times your money.

  • Sell and get Money Today

    With our Encash product. Receive the sale proceeds on the same day by paying additional brokerage. Available with limited stocks

Getting started with Investing

  • Live Markets

    Catch live market action to help you take informed decision

  • Research Ideas

    Get award winning research ideas to empower your portfolio

  • Learn to Invest

    Learn about equity markets with our fun-tastic courses           

  • Research Reports

    Gain indepth insights into company, sector & economy       

Learn How To Invest In Stock

  • Stock Markets Basics

    Chapter Not Taken

    Stock Market is a place where companies raise capital by selling their stake through IPO in Primary Market and later investor�s trade in Secondary Market. This chapter will take you through Securities Market, Stock Exchange and major indices

  • Why invest in Stocks

    Chapter Not Taken

    Stocks have outperformed all other asset classes over the long term. This chapter will take you through the characteristics of Equity and explain how it is the one of the best tools to help you achieve your goals

  • How to Invest/Trade?

    Chapter Not Taken

    Trade processing and Settlement process is key in daily smooth functioning of the Stock Market. This chapter will equip you with the knowledge of Key Participants, Intermediaries and the accounts needed to trade.

  • Key Events and their impact on Stock Markets

    Chapter Not Taken

    Macro economic factors like Gross Domestic Product, Inflation, Balance of Payment, Index of Industrial Production and Monetary Policy affects the Stock Market. This chapter will enlighten you about their impact on the Stock Market.

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