INTRADAILY is a revolutionary intraday trading solution that offers a curated basket of stock suggestions for all kinds of traders. Powered by AI, it simplifies intraday trading by providing pre-selected 4 stocks with the potential to move in the desired direction within the trading day. It’s a game-changer that empowers you to seize intraday trading opportunities just like professional traders, regardless of your knowledge, time constraints, or experience level.


Features That Make a Difference
No Experience Needed
Trade like a pro without prior knowledge or expertise.
Simplicity and Accessibility
An easy-to-use platform for hassle-free trading.
AI-Powered Insights & Recommendations
Basket of stock suggestions for all kinds of traders
Daily Potential Gains
Make the most of intraday trading with Intradaily to earn daily potential returns.
Time-Efficient Trading
Maximize opportunities even with a busy schedule.
Active Stop Loss
Safeguard your investments with active risk management.
Overrule Human Weaknesses
Remove emotions and biases from your trading decisions.
Real-Time Market Advantage
Stay ahead with timely updates and relevant stock selections.


Watch our demo video to see how Intradaily empowers you to trade with confidence and unlock your trading potential.

Free Trial
Buy & Sell unlimited baskets for the first 5 days
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Same day buy & sell
Capitalize on intraday opportunities within the same trading session.
Downside Protection
Mitigate risks as stop-loss orders are placed for every basket you purchase.
4 stocks
Each basket consists of carefully selected stocks for optimized performance.
Buy multiple baskets
Choose out of multiple baskets during the trading the day
Long and Short Baskets
Capture gains in both bullish and bearish market conditions.
Manual profit booking
Take control and decide when to book your profits.
Auto square-off
Automated closing of trades at the end of the trading session.
Real-Time Basket Update
Adapt to market changes with timely adjustments.
Nifty 500 (No penny stocks)
Trade with confidence in a basket of quality stocks.


Low Initial Funds
Start with limited capital and gradually build your portfolio.
Opportunity Seekers
Seize intraday trading opportunities for potential profits.
Beginners & Novice Traders
Learn and trade without any prior trading experience.
Busy Professionals
Trade on your own terms, even with a hectic schedule.
Optional Secondary Income
Generate additional income through intraday trading.


Baskets will be available from 10:20 am and refreshed based on market conditions until 1:00 pm. No baskets will be available after 1:00 pm.

Intradaily has a subscription fee of ₹50 per basket. For all first-time IntraDaily users, there is free trial for the first 5 trading days. Buy unlimited basket of stocks for free during the trial period.

Yes. You can customize the weights within the basket, stop loss limits and remove any of the recommended stocks from the basket.

It's easy to purchase Intradaily's basket. Simply choose whether you want the Long or Short basket and place your order. The monitoring process is automated, so if a target or limit is reached, the execution is done automatically without any action required on your part.

5.You can either close your open positions manually by selecting 'Square-Off Basket' or let the system automatically close them at 3:10 pm. If you decide to close individual positions throughout the day, remember to cancel the corresponding stop loss order.