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28 Sep 22 | 12:00 AM

16.67 -0.08 (-0.48%)

  • Underperforms


    Return (1Y)

    underperformed Hybrid - Equity Oriented by -1.22%

  • Less Volatile


    Standard Deviation (1Y)

    Lower than Hybrid - Equity Oriented by -0.16%

  • Consistent



    Has beaten Hybrid - Equity Oriented

  • Value research rating

Critical Parameters

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In last 1 year Edelweiss Balanced Advantage Fund (IDCW-Q), has underperformed its benchmark, Hybrid - Equity Oriented by -1.22% (CAGR difference)



This is +ve Alpha

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Invested in


In last 1 year , the volatility of Edelweiss Balanced Advantage Fund (IDCW-Q),is Lower than its benchmark, Hybrid - Equity Oriented by -0.16%


Less Volatile

Risk Meter

Peer Comparison on Risk - Return


For 7 out of Last 12 Months, i.e 58.33% of the times It has beaten its benchmark, Hybrid - Equity Oriented

Consistency Meter

Outperforming Stocks Vs. Underperforming Stocks

Based on the last 1year analysis, currently there are, 42 Stocks beating the benchmark 48 Stocks not beating the benchmark

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