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14 Oct 19 | 12:00 AM

12.00 0.01 (0.11%)

  • Underperforms


    Return (1Y)

    underperformed Income Funds by -9.19%

  • More Volatile


    Standard Deviation (1Y)

    Higher than Income Funds by 0.01%

  • Inconsistent



    Has underperformed Income Funds

  • Value research rating

    Not Rated

Critical Parameters

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In last 1 year Nippon India Strategic Debt Fund (D), has underperformed its benchmark, Income Funds by -9.19% (CAGR difference)



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In last 1 year , the volatility of Nippon India Strategic Debt Fund (D),is Higher than its benchmark, Income Funds by 0.01%


More Volatile

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Peer Comparison on Risk - Return


For 2 out of Last 12 Months, i.e 16.67% of the times It has beaten its benchmark, Income Funds

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