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True happiness is watching your dreams come true. The world becomes a happy place if we are able to achieve what we had planned. Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) helps us gradually realize our goal with the discipline of savings, growing our investment and mitigating risk.

Start a SIP today and achieve your goals with the help of a simplied, effecient and secure method of investing in mutual funds!


As per Value Research Online Return on 4.10.18. Past performance is not an indication of future returns


  • Go lighter on Wallet

    Start an SIP as low as Rs. 1000 per month without having to strain your wallet.

  • Compound Investments

    With the power of compounding, your investments are likely to multiply faster

  • Rupee Cost Averaging

    Invest across market cycles and reduce the effect of market volatility. Benefit from averaging your purchase cost.

  • Diversify your Portfolio

    By investing small amounts in SIPs you can diversify your portfolio.

  • Invest Regularly

    Inculcate the habit of disciplined investing.


  • Personalization

    Get tailor made MF portfolio customized to your needs & goals

  • Powerful & Consistent

    Robust algo based intelligence

  • Flexible

    Allows you flexibility to change schemes for investment within the category


  • Monitoring

    Auto monitoring & rebalancing to help you achieve your goals, no matter what



Kishore Reddy (Govt. Service, Bengaluru) used to invest in fixed deposits and kept the idle money in savings accounts. Looking at his colleague who used to invest in Mutual Fund, he started SIP. He started investing about Rs 10,000 a month in equity funds via SIP in 2013. He set up a goal of owning a house worth Rs. 40 Lakhs in 2013, by 2019.

After a year, considering an inflation, he found out the quantum of investments he required to achieve his goals, would not be possible with Rs. 10,000 SIP. He thought instead of paying Loan EMI of Rs 35,000 – 45,000, he could invest the same money in SIP. He then tweaked his budget and committed to step-up his SIP by Rs 30,000. Initially, it was tough for him to settle for a lower monthly expenditure but the enthusiasm to reach his goals made him invest Rs 40,000 per month. Currently, he's able to accumulate around Rs 20 Lakhs (his fund has garned 15% interest annually) and he is sure that he would be able to reach his valuation of Rs 40+ Lakhs for his goals. He is confident that by 2019 his dream of owning a house will come true.


Pramod Desai (Retired, Ahmedabad) was a late starter and his first mutual fund investment was in a sector fund. Initially, he invested with whatever saving he could. Later in 2003, Desai was introduced to SIPs. He started with a meagre investment of Rs. 1,500 a month, back then. He regularly increased his monthly investment and in 2016, he invested close to Rs. 42,000 a month. He retired in 2016 and realized with just Rs. 30 lacs of investment he was able to make a corpus of close to Rs. 1 Crore rupees. Which was amazing! He recently redeemed half of his corpus for his family and kept the rest to grow.


Swati Anand (Pvt. Sector employee, Mumbai) wanted to buy her dream car and cost of which she could not afford with her current saving. She realized that after 3-4 years of saving also she won't be able to buy one for her. After much consideration and research work, she decided to go for SIP in mutual funds. In 2012, she started with Rs. 25,000 per month for 2 years initially and realized her investments were giving good returns which were increasing at 15% p.a., she then continued this for another 3 years and also increased her investment to Rs. 35,000 per month. After five years she realized that her total corpus has become more than Rs. 25 lacs which were more than sufficient for her new car. She really did give wings to her dream, now she is a proud owner of the best SUV in its category.


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