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Infosys Limited has announced buyback upto 11,30,43,478 equity shares of Rs. 5 each at a price of Rs. 1,150 per share, under tender offer route ("Buyback"). You can now tender Infosys Ltd shares in the buyback offer as per your eligibility. Buy back will be available online on till Dec 14, 2017, 12:00 noon.


  • Simple

    Place orders in few simple steps

  • Convenient

    Apply online

  • Hassle Free

    No paperwork required

Maximum number of shares you can tender can’t be higher than the number of shares held in your Demat account as on record date (Nov 01, 2017). You can check the eligibility for number of shares by clicking here or by visiting the registrar website.


  • Applied shares will be blocked/ debited from your Demat account

  • In case you have applied for higher number of shares but these are not accepted by the company then the remaining shares will be unblocked/ credited to your demat account post the Infosys Ltd buyback is over

  • The amount in respect to your buyback shares will be credited to your bank account linked to your Demat account directly by the company

  • The buyback window on AxisDirect will not be available post 15:30 hrs in accordance with availability of bidding platform on exchange

  • All orders received till 15:30 hrs will be processed on next working day, except for the orders received on last day which will be processed on same day


    • Step 1

      Login to your AxisDirect account and click on “SWIFT TRADE 3.0” under Trading Platforms

    • Step 2

      You will first need to click on “PLACE ORDER” and then click on “BUY BACK” under Equity

    • Step 3

      Dashboard showing current Buy Back offers will be displayed. Click on “APPLY” for Infosys Ltd Buyback

    • Step 4

      Fill the “QUANTITY”, “SUBMIT”, click “OK” & “HOLD” in Security Hold window


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