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E-Margin is a leverage trading facility where you can buy in delivery by paying only 25% funds. Unlike other leverage products, E-Margin lets you carry your position for next 90 trading days. In case you do not square off or convert the position to delivery, AxisDirect will square off the trade on T+90th trading day at any time after 2:45 pm. 

So, if you don't have sufficient funds today, you can still buy required quantity and stocks with E-Margin by paying only required margin and carry the position upto next 90 trading days.

For example: You buy 100 shares of INFOSYS @ Rs.1500 in BSE exchange on T day. You have an option to square off the position or convert to delivery till T+90 Trading days. If you fail to square off the position before 2:45 pm on T+90th trading day, your position will be squared off by AxisDirect.


  • Reduced margins

    Buy stocks with margins as low as 25% (as against 100% in case of delivery position)

  • Use Collateral as margins

    Use your existing stocks as margin and create limits to buy stocks in E-Margin

  • Hold you positions

    For next 90 trading days

  • Convert to delivery

    Option to "convert to delivery" by paying outstanding purchase consideration

  • Square off

    Option to "square-off" your open position any time before the due date

  • Delayed payment charges

    Nominal delayed payment charge of 18% p.a. on outstanding amount

There are more than 500 stocks enabled for E-Margin. To view complete list of stocks eligible for E-Margin: Visit AxisDirect > Trading section > Report > Stock eligibility report.

• AxisDirect reserves the right to modify the 'T+30' day in NSE/BSE for square off either by reducing the days or by extending it further, due to regulatory guidelines or otherwise
• In case of uncovered mark to market losses or margins, the positions may be squared off by Axis Direct as risk containment measure


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