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Advantage AxisDirect

Wise Advisor is a unique feature being provided by AxisDirect for its customers wherein 

For Equity investment, smallcase feature is provided

smallcases are a new way to invest in stocks. A smallcase is an intelligently weighted basket of upto 20 stocks that reflects a theme, idea or strategy.

Smallcases are centered around:


• A trending market theme like rising rural demand or 

 • A financial model like zero debt or

 • Different risk profiles viz. aggressive, balanced and conservative 


You can choose a smallcase based on a theme that you are positive on, invest in it in 3 clicks and track & manage multiple portfolios seamlessly. 

smallcases aren't a means of recommending or advising investors. Choosing a smallcase is up to each individual. 

For Mutual Fund investment, MF advisor is the option provided

MF Advisor is a robust & friendly advisor which will assist you in building your MF investment portfolio as per your financial goals, risk appetite and time horizon - instantly, anytime, and anywhere.