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Advantage AxisDirect

1. Debits against 'Cash' Buy, 'E-margin' Buy, 'Futures' , 'Intraday Futures' and 'Options' settlement, margin on 'E-margin' on T Day will be adjusted against the credits expected till T+1 Day.

2. All sell & buy day on same settlement Date will be netted –off (Except margin amount).

3. 'Futures' , 'Intraday Futures' and 'Options'  margin / 'E-margin' margin will be set-off against credits due as same day. 'Futures' credits will not be considered.

4. Any Debit due in Future will be set-off against credit due on T+1 day and balance if any will be required on the date of Transaction itself.

5. Pay-out of Excess funds will be done after end of day (EOD) approx 8.00 PM on same day or at 8.00 AM on Next day.

6. Pay-in of Funds will be done around 5 PM.

7. 'En Cash' transactions will be not be netted off against any debits / credits.