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E-Margin is a leveraged trading facility. Positions created under this product can be squared off or converted to delivery till T+90 days (T=Trade date) on or before the specified time i.e. 02:45 pm. Unlike for a 'Cash' order, you do not have to pay the full order value for E-margin orders. For example: If you would like to buy 100 shares of INFOSYS @ Rs.1500 on T day and applicable E-margin % for the scrip is 20%, you just need to pay Rs. 30000. This margin can either be in the form of cash or as collateral i.e. by marking securities lying in your demat account.

 You can take buy stocks with margin amount and have an option to carry the position till a maximum of T+90 days in both exchanges. In case you do not square off or convert the position to delivery, AxisDirect will square off the trade on T+90th day at any time after 2:45 pm. 

For example: You buy 100 shares of INFOSYS @ Rs.1500 in BSE exchange on T day. You have an option to square off the position or convert to delivery till T+90 Trading days. If you fail to square off the position before 2:45 pm on T+90th day, your position will be squared off by AxisDirect. However,  you are required to monitor and fund for Mark to Market loss arising on your E-Margin T+90 open positions on  real time basis, else (if Net Liquidation Value falls below 50%) E-Margin T+90 open position(s) can be anytime squared off by Axis Direct Risk Management to an extent required without waiting for due date and time of square off of your E-Margin open position(s)with or without intimation to the clients.