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Advantage AxisDirect

Bank Hold, Equity Receivable, Derivatives Receivable, Collateral limit and Ledger Balance are the part of 'Source of limit' displayed on the following Path : Trading > Limits > Cash Limit

Bank Hold

Bank Hold is the sum of funds marked as hold from your bank account for trading in Equity, Derivatives and Mutual Fund

Equity Receivable

Equity Receivable includes Cash Sales Proceeds +/- booked profit/(loss) made from equity.

Derivative Receivable

Derivative Receivable includes  profit/(loss) made from trading in derivatives segment.

Collateral Limit

You can hold the stocks in your demat account as collateral to increase your trading limit. The collateral amount as per the applicable collateral valuation % will be added to your limits. You can place your shares as collateral from the following path: Limits > Demat Balance > Hold Type > Collateral.

Ledger Balance

Equity Receivable of T day will be displayed as ledger balance on T+2 day. Derivative Receivables of T day will be displayed as ledger balance on T+1 day.

Adhoc Limit

Adhoc Limit is the limits if any, given by AxisDirect for trading in Equity and Derivatives