About FinPlan

FinPlan, brought to you by Axis Securities in partnership with SSBA Innovations (Finbingo) – a SEBI registered Investment Advisor with SEBI regn no. INA000012166, is a Robo based platform that understands your financial goals and helps you achieve them by helping you manage your investments optimally.

Under FinPlan, we offer our customers 3 modules, namely,
(i) Tax Planner
(ii) Wealth Builder
(iii) Portfolio Doctor (CAS Analysis)

Details about each of these modules has been given on the landing page of FinPlan
You can subscribe for these modules through the FinPlan landing page under the ‘Investing’ section of our website.
Yes, you can apply these plans on a half-yearly subscription basis i.e. a plan validity is for 180 days after which your subscription would expire and you would have to renew your subscription at the then prevailing rates. You could either purchase one or two or all the three plans simultaneously.
Any customer having an Axis Direct account can apply for these modules. However, the first time you make a purchase, you would be required to e-sign an agreement. Hence, request you to keep handy the mobile number linked to your Aadhar.
You have the option to revise and regenerate your analysis report innumerable times within the subscription period. No additional charges would be levied.

About Wealth Builder

Everyone wants to grow their wealth & finance but how to plan it exactly is difficult for an individual with limited or no finance knowledge. Wealth Builder is the one stop solution to plan wealth and help achieve life goals. It provides unique personalized solution to every individual based on one’s financials.
User has to provide basic data of oneself like income, expenses, assets, liabilities, goals & risk appetite.This data need to be input by the user. The more accurate the data shall be, better analysis one gets. Post providing all this data, the system shall auto generate a personalized Wealth Building Plan for the user.
Wealth Builder analysis shall hold true until there is major change with respect to financials of an individual i.e. Assets, Liabilities, Income, Expenses & Goals of the user. And most importantly subject to change in economic scenario
One should re-generate Wealth Builder Plan only if there is substantial change in the financials of the user or change in economic conditions
Whether it’s for your retirement, a dream vacation, marriage, a home, a car, building long-term wealth, getting emergency ready or creating a sustainable income stream, Wealth-Builder will help you get there. Wealth Builder uses various inputs provided by you to create financial data points to assess the feasibility of your Life goals.

About Tax Planner

Tax Planner provides comparative analysis with respect to both Old & New Tax regime, thereby making it easy for you to select the Tax Regime which saves most tax.
Tax Planner not only provides Tax Planning & Wealth building investment options but also provides the guidance with respect to suitable Life Insurance & Health Insurance plans.
An individual's taxable total income reduces by the premium paid for Family & Parents but it cannot exceed Rs.25,000 for each. However, if parents are senior citizen the benefit for them extends from Rs. 25000 to Rs. 50000, making total of Rs. 75000 for family & parents.
Tuition fees up to Rs. 1.5 Lakh are eligible for tax deduction if paid for full time education. Full time education also includes payment made for play school activities, pre-nursery & Nursery Classes.
Tuition fees up to Rs. 1.5 Lakh are eligible for tax deduction if paid for full time education. Full time education also includes payment made for play school activities, pre-nursery & Nursery Classes.
Yes, in case of Education Loan, interest paid on loan is eligible for Tax deduction for 8 years under section 80E of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
Yes, up to Rs.10,000 p.a., of interest from savings account is eligible for tax deduction under Section 80TTA of the Income Tax Act,1961. However, Senior Citizens can claim benefit up to Rs. 50,000 p.a. & it along with savings interest it also allows interest on Deposits under section 80TTB of the Income Tax Act,1961.

About Portfolio Doctor

Portfolio Doctor specializes in analyzing all your Mutual Fund Investments. It shall not only analyse & tell the problem areas i.e., poor or average performing funds, but also provides suggestions i.e., alternative funds to invest in. Before investing, one does research but after holding it for long periods, skips to have routine checks. Portfolio Doctor helps to have this regular analysis helping to take necessary action steps.
One has to upload the CAS statement to enable FinPlan to provide detailed & concise Mutual Fund Analysis so that they can perform below:

a) check your investment’s past performance and compare with top performers in the category.
b) check your investment’s intrinsic quality such as asset quality and risk level.
c) check your MF investment’s fund manager’s performance, expense ratio, AUM etc.
d) compare your investment’s proportion with the ideal proportion based on the Risk Appetite and Investment Horizon as chosen by you.
e) then suggest to Buy, Hold, or Switch to better alternatives.
The analysis is valid only as on the date of CAS statement Upload. If there is any redemption, fresh purchase, change in taxability provisions, updates or pronouncements with respect to Mutual Funds, after the date of CAS Upload, one needs to again upload the latest CAS, to get real time analysis.
One has the option to upload multiple times the CAS statement in the 180 days of subscription.
Unless there is any redemption, fresh purchase, change in taxability provisions, fundamental change in the Mutual Funds held by you or changes in economic scenario, there might not be any change in the analysis
Step-1 Visit the website https://www.camsonline.com/
Step-2 Click on "Service for Investor"
Step-3 Under the Statements section select - CAS- CAMS+KFintech
Step-4 Select Statement Type as Detailed Report, select required Period & for Folio Listing - select "With Zero Folios"
Step-5 Enter your email ID and Permanent Account Number (PAN).
Step-6 Enter a password of your choice. This need not be the password that you have given to the mutual fund account.

You can download the combined CAS statement from Karvy’s website as well by visiting https://mfs.kfintech.com/investor/General/ConsolidatedAccountStatement

Note: By using this, one will get a mail from the RTA through which the request is placed. They will generate a password-protected PDF file. You must enter the password when you try to open the statement. Moreover, this facility is free of cost for all
This error could be seen when the statement uploaded has transactions in funds where the resultant balance is zero. Please generate a new statement by excluding such funds and re-upload the statement
In very rare cases, the funds performance might not be evaluated by the platform due to deficiency in data. Please contact our customer care executives if such a scenario is faced. We would be able to add relevant fund data and share a revised analysis with you.