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It is a unique offering for the customers to invest in the US stock market directly. Investors aspiring to invest in some of the leading global companies like Apple, Microsoft etc. can seamlessly do so and leverage the benefit of geographical diversification in their portfolio
Investing in global markets will offer you host of opportunities. Some of which are:
  1. Diversify your portfolio - You can diversify your wealth by investing in the deepest and widest stock market in the world.
  2. Risk diversification - US stocks are truly global corporations, thereby giving you a more diversified and risk adjusted exposure.
  3. Better performance - US stock market has outperformed the Indian stock market over the last 10 years in dollar terms.
  4. Invest in innovative companies - You can own shares in known companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, etc.
As a privileged part of this fraternity, you will experience multiple benefits like:
  1. Fractional investing - You can invest in less than one share, as low as US$1. For example, you can buy a 0.1 share of Amazon for US$300 (assuming cost of 1 share = US$3,000) and still participate in the growth!
  2. Easy and hassle-free digital onboarding - With Vested's completely digital account opening process which includes KYC compliance checks, you can open an account with Vested easily
  3. Seamless fund transfer - Transfer funds seamlessly with Vested's partner banks including Axis Bank.
  4. Safety - SEC-registered partners ensure safety. Each of your account is insured upto $500K by SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) and upto $250K by FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). This facilitates a trustworthy global investing platform for you.
  5. Secure transactions - Security factored in with 256-bit encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protecting your global investments using the state-of-the-art log-in methods, automatic logouts, and ID verification to help prevent unauthorized access.
  6. Investment in products - You get an opportunity to invest in more than 1,000 stocks and ETFs listed in the US along with the curated portfolios - Vests.
Yes. Vested follows the RBI’s Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) guidelines. Instituted by RBI, the LRS is a set of policies that governs the maximum amount and purposes of remittance. Under the LRS, an Indian resident can send up to USD $250,000 abroad annually without seeking approval from RBI. The LRS has made it easier for Indian residents to study abroad, travel, and make investments in other countries.

Learn more about it here or refer to RBI’s website for the most up-to-date regulations. Please see article 6(iii) for specific LRS regulations regarding investments in equity.
Opening your Global Investing account is completely seamless.

You need to follow the below path: Visit www.simplehai.axisdirect.in -> Offerings -> Global investing. Once you complete the KYC process and upload the necessary documents (Photo ID proof, Address proof etc) Vested will take 1~2 business days to open your account post confirmation of your provided details. Once your account is opened, you can fund the account by transferring money into the brokerage account from your bank account.
  1. ID Proof - Pan Card
  2. Address proof - Any one of the below:
    • Aadhaar card
    • Latest bank statement (within 90 days)
Yes! Under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS), the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) allows an Indian resident to spend/invest up to USD $250,000 per year in overseas markets.
Yes. NRIs that are not US citizens or US residents can use the Vested platform. In order to onboard you, Vested will require your Photo ID proof, an address proof (bank statement or utility bill of the country) and Tax Id from the country in which you are currently a tax resident. Below is the list of documents required
  1. ID Proof - Indian Pan card / Indian Passport
  2. Address Proof - Any one of the below:
    • Credit card bill
    • Bank statement
    • Mobile phone bill
    • Internet bill
    • Utility bill (electricity, water, or gas)
  3. Tax ID number
    • The user also needs to enter his Tax ID of whichever country he is paying his taxes
    • If the user is from a country where there are no taxes then he may enter the Indian Pan number
    • If the user is a US tax resident then he/she has to enter his SSN number as Tax ID
Yes. Any user who wish to open a joint account can reach out to us at the Email ID - asl.vested@vestedfinance.co or call us at 080 61790006 we can help them with opening the Joint account.
Please note A joint account can be opened only for a new user. A existing Vested account holder cannot open a joint account. We can help the existing account holders with adding Nominee/Beneficiary to their account
For Basic Plan the account opening charges are INR. 250 (One time) & for Premium Plan yearly subsription is INR. 12,000.
There is no difference in the charges for NRI and RI account opening process.
We currently don’t have that feature in our mobile app. However, you can visit our website through your mobile to open your Global Investing account Visit www.simplehai.axisdirect.in -> Offerings -> Global Investing
There are two different plans under offering:
  1. Basic plan
  2. Premium plan
Please refer to the below comparison table to get a brief glimpse of the two plans

Features Basic plan Premium plan
Account opening ₹ 250 ₹ 12,000 / year
Brokerage/commission 0.20% of Trade Amount (Max:$20) Zero Brokerage
Withdrawal fees $5 fixed fee 4 free withdrawals during the year
($5/withdrawal after that)
Vests upfront (execution) fee $0 / purchase $0 / purchase
Access to exclusive Vests No Yes
Quarterly/Yearly subscription plan offers several benefits like:

a) Zero account opening fees
b) No upfront fee for Vest purchase
c) Access to exclusive Multi-asset class vests
d) 1 free withdrawal during the year
Investments in US equities must be made in US Dollars. You must wire (remit) USD to Vested’s partner bank in the US to fund your account. In order to do this, you must fill out an LRS form (it’s called the A2 form) and submit it to your bank. Do not worry! Vested has made this process easy for you. When you sign up on the platform, it will guide you through this process. Please note that there are costs involved in the fund transfer process. These costs vary according to the bank you use. For example, there is a fixed cost of between ₹ 500 - 1500 per fund transfer.
Instituted by RBI, the LRS is a set of policies that governs the maximum amount and purposes of remittance. Under the LRS, an individual can annually send up to USD $250,000 abroad without seeking approval from RBI. The LRS has made it easier for Indian residents to study abroad, travel, and make investments in other countries. For more information, you can read here.

For the most up to date regulations regarding the LRS please visit here. Please see article 6(iii) for specific LRS regulations regarding investments in equity.
You can remit via any bank you hold your account with. The banks listed on Vested’s platform are some of the preferred banks of which few of them are their partnered banks.
Yes, the customer can transfer funds from any bank account in the world. The only thing to keep inmind is that it should be under the customer's name (as no 3rd party transfers are allowed). The wire charges are dependent on the bank and country where the account is held. Vested or DriveWealth does not charge anything on the inward fund transfer.
Currently there are 3 ways in which you can add funds:
  1. Transfer from your bank account in India
  2. Wire transfer funds from your non-Indian bank account
  3. Use a money transfer company such as Currency Cloud or Transferwise to transfer funds from your non-Indian bank account

The beneficiary details are available under the Fund Transfer section on the platform
Once you have submitted the A2 and declaration (LRS) form in the bank, the amount will be credited to your Vested account in 1-3 business days.
You can withdraw money from your account any time. All you have to do is initiate the withdrawal process from the ‘Withdrawal’ tab on the platform. The money will be wired directly to your bank account in India. It may take 3 – 5 business days for the wire to come through.
Please note that the remitting bank will charge a fee for the transfer. We (Axis/Vested) do not take any cut from this fee and are working towards reducing it substantially. Currently this fee is approximately USD $5. Thus, you must have a minimum of this amount to make a withdrawal.
It takes 1-3 business days for the funds to get credited to your Indian bank account once the withdrawal is initiated from your Vested account.
There are no charges applicable for adding funds in trading account charged by Vested. However $5 will be charged for each withdrawal request. If you opt for premium plan then 1 withdrawal will be free in one year.
Yes. Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC is a government organization tasked for this. The SEC holds primary responsibility of enforcing the federal securities laws, proposing securities rules, and regulating the securities industry, including US Stock and options Exchanges, and other activities and organizations, including the electronic securities markets in the United States.
SEC-registered partners and each account is secured upto $500K by Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and upto $250K by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Vested uses 256-bit encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure the security of their platform and protects client information. It also employs state-of-the-art login methods, automatic logouts, and ID verification to help prevent unauthorized access.
Through Vested, you can invest in stocks listed on New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.
Once you remit the funds and limits is updated in your Vested account, you can visit the Vested platform to place the trades
No, you have to login to your Vested account to trade
No, you can trade as for any amount you want and take benefit of Fractional investing
On the Vested platform you can invest in either full or fractional shares. When your investment is in full shares, their broker partner (DriveWealth) will route the orders to market centers on an Agency basis. When the investment is fractional shares, the broker partner will satisfy the order from its own account, on a Principal basis, at the National Best Bid or Offer (NBBO). NBBO means that DriveWealth cannot add a margin to the price. So, if the market price of 1 share of Amazon is $1,000, and you purchase 0.1 share of Amazon, you will pay $100 for the 0.1 share. Any orders for both full and fractional shares will be executed via both methods, part as Agent and part as Principal.
In accordance to the LRS, an individual can remit a maximum of $250,000 USD per year for investments etc.
Please login in your Vested account and go to portfolio. From there you can track stocks in your portfolio.
Please login in to your Vested account and go to portfolio. There you will see news section. It only gives news related to stocks in your portfolio.
No, there is no provision for margin trading or collateral trading facility on Vested platform since this is not permitted as per RBI’s FEMA guidelines.
There is no brokerage/commission on the order placed. But if you buy a Vest (curated stock basket) then the execution fee will be $0 / purchase under Basic plan. The same would be free if you choose Premium plan
While it does not offer mutual funds investment service, Vested does offer ETFs on their platform. ETFs are similar to mutual funds and provide diversification advantages by spreading investing across multiple stocks or asset classes. ETFs are highly liquid and offer transparent pricing as they are traded on Exchanges like a stock. On Vested’s platform, they have curated a list of ETFs so that you can gain exposure to exciting themes such as the China growth story, global stock exposure and the rise of the internet etc. To read more about ETFs, click here.
Unfortunately, RBI does not currently allow money remitted under the LRS to be used for trading derivatives or any kind of leveraged products.
Currently, SIP feature is not available on Vested platform.
No. Margin trading is not allowed. You can do fractional investing.
There is no restriction on the trades that you can place, subject to availability of limits in your account.
No. Only trading in Equity under product delivery (Cash and carry) section is allowed.
No you may not be able to invest in IPOs. But the same security will be added in a business day after listing
The terms of service followed by Vested can be found here.
The privacy policy followed by Vested can be found here.
Vested is already working to add this feature (Nominee) on their platform and shall update you once the same is available. However in the meanwhile, Vested can help you to add a beneficiary to your account (Beneficiaries are equivalent to nominees in US)
In order to add beneficiary to your account please write us on help@vestedfinance.co along-with the below details:
  1. Your Name:
  2. Your DriveWealth Account Number:
  3. Beneficiary Name:
  4. Beneficiary DOB:
  5. Beneficiary Phone Number:
  6. Beneficiary Email ID:
Share ownership verification works slightly differently in India than in the US. Shares are held by a third-party custodian in the ‘street name’ of the broker rather than the underlying investor. This is why you will not receive direct emails from the custodian regarding your holdings. As per SEC guidelines, if you want to confirm the share ownership for your Vested account, you can check your holdings at Drivewealth’s back office by logging in at: https://client.drivewealth.com/login
For login, you will need your DriveWealth account number and last 4 digits of your SSN/ govt. Issued ID (Pan card)
Vests are pre-built portfolios designed by Vesteds’ in-house research team and inspired by leading research houses. These are curated portfolios that consist of stocks and/or ETFs. Vests are constructed with different goals or themes in mind. Some Vests are built to enable investors to invest into assets that balance performance and downside protection, while other Vests are theme based, enabling investors to narrowly focus their investments on specific industries or core themes.
Please refer to the below mentioned link to know more:
Vested provides recommendations, based on your risk profile, risk averseness and time horizon through their model portfolios- Vests. It also provides informational materials and newsletters to make you more aware of the happenings in the US.
Vests are curated portfolios that comprises of stocks and/or ETFs. Vests are constructed with different goals or themes in mind. Some Vests are built to enable investors to invest into diversified core assets that balance performance and downside protection, while other Vests are theme based, enabling investors to narrowly focus their investments on specific industries or core themes. You may refer to the link to know more: https://vested.co.in/vests
Vests are curated portfolios that comprise of stocks and/or ETFs. Vests are built to enable investors to invest into diversified core assets that balance performance and downside protection, while other Vests are theme based, enabling investors to narrowly focus their investments on specific industries or core themes.
For the users there are two types of taxation events:
  1. Taxes on investment gains: You will be taxed in India for this gain. You will not be taxed in the US. The amount of taxes you have to pay in India depends on how long you hold the investment. It is either the long-term capital gain or short-term capital gain and is taxed accordingly.
  2. Taxes on dividends: Unlike investment gains, dividends will be taxed in the US at a flat rate of 25%. Fortunately, the US and India have a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA), which allows taxpayers to offset income tax already paid in the US. The 25% tax you already paid in the US is made available as Foreign Tax Credit and can be used to offset your income tax payable in India.
You will be taxed as per the laws in the country in which you are a tax resident. For example, if you are a tax resident of the UAE, you will pay taxes as per UAE tax laws.
No, you need to login to your Global Investing account on Vested to view your transactions
You can see your Trade Statements on the Vested page under Activity tab > Reports
You can view and download the statements from the web page directly.
No, there are no charges for holding your brokerage account with Vested.
You may refer to the pricing section of the page for all the charges
All the reports can be accessed from the Activity tab under History and Transactions
The dividends get credited to your Vested account under Cash balance. You can see the same in your ‘Trade Statement’ under ‘Reports’ tab.
You can see in the trade confirmation report available in your account on the next business day.
There is no such thing like certificates in the US.
In India, when you trade you get an email from NSDL. In the US, you don't get / ask for the same thing. You may refer here for confirmation from the SEC: https://www.sec.gov/fast-answers/answersowncerthtm.html The next business day, you will get a trade statement report. You can find this under “Reports” tab, “Trade”
At the end of fiscal year, Vested will send you a summary of your transactions along with the necessary documents. This will make it really simple for your tax reporting.
You can simply log-in to your Global investing account on Vested and check the same under your Profile.
There are two ways to transfer shares between brokers:
  • Automated Customer Account Transfer (ACAT) service and
  • Depository transfer check (DTC).
DTC is expensive, while ACAT is relatively cheaper and easy. DriveWealth will need the user's account number at the other broker. They need to submit prescribed form.
For share transfer to Vested/DriveWealth or Global Investing account:
  • ACAT transfers are free
  • DTC transfers cost $15 per position/security
You can raise the query at the email address mentioned below help@vestedfinance.co
TAT for complaints is 1-2 business days
Yes, you can. Amazon compliance policy if any, will apply
Yes you may buy the ADRs listed on the platform. For a particular security, you may need to get approval from the organization as per organization’s policy
The US market timings are 7 PM to 1.30 AM IST and 8 PM to 2.30 AM Indian Standard Time (during winters)
Not necessarily. But if you do US investment with Vested through Axis Direct referral, then you shall avail some benefits which are available only for Axis Direct customers.
The amount would reflect immediately in your cash account, however, since the cash settlement time is T+2 business days, the amount from selling the stocks will be settled after 2 business days of the day you sell the stocks.
In order to close the account, there is an account closure form that needs to be submitted. Please email to Vested on help@vestedfinance.co for account closure request. Also, if possible please mention the reason for closing the account in the same email thread.
Vested Finance Inc. is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). Founded in 2018, Vested provides an end-to-end ecosystem for investing in US markets. Investors can invest in more than 1,000 US stocks and ETFs, and in the professionally curated model portfolios (called Vests). Vested works with DriveWealth LLC, who provides clearing and execution services to its customers.
DriveWealth LLC is Vesteds’ broker partner in the US. Your brokerage account will be held with them. DriveWealth works with partners in more than 10 countries across the globe and has millions of brokerage accounts opened by them. DriveWealth is a Broker-Dealer registered with the SEC. Their license can be viewed here: https://brokercheck.f₹a.org/firm/summary/165429 More information on Drivewealth can also be found on their website here: https://drivewealth.com
Your assets are held at a 3rd party custodian, and Vested does not ever touch or hold your money. If Vested shuts down, you would still have access to all your cash and securities, as Vested will ensure that direct access to DriveWealth is established for you to continue to buy or sell securities. In the highly unlikely event that both Vested and DriveWealth shut down, your SIPC insurance kicks in. Each brokerage account opened with Vested is insured by SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) up to $500,000. This includes $250,000 in cash. For more details, please read here



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