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Hero FinCorp
Reliance Retail
HDB Financial Services
Chennai Super Kings
Kannur Airport
HDFC Securities
Sterlite Power

Steps to invest in Unlisted Shares

Shortlist your preferred unlisted shares from the explore section

Connect with your RM to get more information and buy the unlisted shares

Sit back and monitor the performance in your portfolio section

Alternatively, you can send your request on unlisted@axissecurities.in and our team will get back to you.

Unlock the Potential of Unlisted Shares

Invest in companies that are not yet listed on the stock exchange and be a part of their growth story. With unlisted shares, you can access exclusive investment opportunities in promising private companies with the potential for high returns.

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Why Invest in Unlisted Shares?

Early Stage Investment Opportunities

Get in on the ground floor of highgrowth companies before they go public.

Potential for High Returns

Invest in promising private companies with strong growth potential and realize significant returns.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Add unlisted shares to your investment portfolio to diversify your investments and minimize risk.

Access to Expertise

Rely on the expertise of our seasoned research professionals to help you make informed investing decisions.
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Past Performance

Script Price Yearly Returns
FY21-22 FY22-23
Chennai super kings 90 180 100%
Tata Technologies Ltd 1500 7800 420%
HDFC Securities Ltd 7255 12187 68%
Reliance Retail Ltd 1200 2574 115%

Opportunity an Investor should know

Join the growing community of savvy investors who are investing in unlisted shares. You can start exploring the exciting world of private companies and their investment potential with a simple online account setup. Invest in the future and reap the rewards of high-growth opportunities.

Take control of your financial future with Unlisted Shares

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What are Unlisted Stocks?
The shares which are not listed on the formal stock exchanges and are available in the secondary market, are referred to as unlisted stocks.
How can I invest in Unlisted Stock?
  • Call our customer care number 022- 40508080 or mark an email to helpdesk@axisdirect.in to check the trending stock list.
  • Browse the list to check opportunities available in unlisted securities and choose the ones that match your investment goals and risk appetite.
  • Confirm the name of stock and amount want to invest in unlisted securities to check availability of the shares with ASL by marking an email to helpdesk@axisdirect.in or call to our customer care number 022- 40508080.
  • On availability of shares ASL team will share the deal sheet with the client on email.
  • On confirmation of the deal client need to transfer fund to ASL bank account (pool account) mentioned in the deal sheet.
  • client will receive the shares credit in d-mat of the client.
What is the minimum amount one can invest in Unlisted Shares?
Investments on Trade Unlisted starts from as low as INR 2,00,000/- You can visit the investment pages to find the product specific details pertaining to the lot size and minimum investment amount.
Where are my Unlisted stock held?
Your stocks are held in your CDSL or NSDL Demat Accounts. If you don’t have one, we will help you open it.
Can an NRI buy Unlisted shares?
Yes, an NRI can buy unlisted shares like a domestic investor only from NRO NON-PIS account.


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