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DIGITAX is a tax planning, preparation & filing platform powered by Quicko Infosoft Pvt Ltd through which customers can file tax returns themselves or with the assistance of a Chartered Accountant. DIGITAX makes it easy for traders to file their taxes simply by importing their Capital Gains and Loss Statement on this platform.
You can only file your tax returns if you have an account with Axis Direct. However, you can opt for one of DIGITAX CA Assisted Plans without an Axis Direct account.
DIGITAX has the following CA Assisted Plans at subsidized rates, for your choosing:
  • For Salaried People: Income from Salary, House Property and Other Sources
  • For Investors: Income from Capital Gains
  • For Traders: Income from F&O and Derivatives Training
  • For NRIs: Having taxable income in India 
You can file tax returns online in a simple, hassle-free, paperless manner. It is easy, convenient and online.
Additionally, you will receive discounts on packages purchased and have a dedicated support team for any queries.
You can generate your statement by following these steps:
Log-in > Portfolio > Reports > Capital Gain & Loss Statement > Download excel for the period
You will only be able to upload statements from your account. Also, please recheck that the period of your statement matches the period selected from the drop-down provided.
You will get this error only if one of these parameters doesn't match.
You can add your tax statements from multiple brokers to arrive at a total tax computation.
In a DIY plan, DIGITAX will provide a simple-to-understand platform through which filing your tax returns will be easier and faster. You need to enter the figures for each category (wherever applicable) and the platform will compute your net tax liability.
In a CA Assisted Plan, you would be able to communicate with the Chartered Accountant assigned to you and they will help you file your returns based on the information provided.
With a CA Assisted Plan, you will be contacted by your CA over Email once you make the payment. You can reply by sending a soft copy of all the documents that are requested. You will be freely able to consult with your CA over this mail thread till your tax returns have been filed. DIGITAX try to file your tax returns within 5 business days of you forwarding all your statements.
We charge a nominal amount to make tax filing easier for you. It will surely be cheaper than you paying any CA Firm to do it for you!
DIY Plans DIGITAX Rates (incl GST)
DIY Upload Form-16 Free
DIY with Capital Gains / Sale from House Property Rs. 529/-
DIY for Intraday / F&O Traders Rs. 1061/-
DIY for Proprietors Business / Professional Income Rs. 1061/-
DIY for NRIs without Business Income Rs. 529/-
DIY for NRIs with Business Income Rs. 1061/-
You will need to make the payment for the service at the last step of filing your returns i.e. after your net tax liability has been computed but before you e-file your return. 
Once logged in, you need to visit the tab for Tax Returns.
Complete setting up your profile on the platform and start entering the data as requested, wherever applicable. If you have missed out on any detail necessarily required to file your taxes, the platform will not permit you to file your taxes until all such information is not furnished.
DIGITAX provide you with a tax calculator which will compute your tax liability for both schemes based on the estimates entered. A comparative tax assessment will help you choose your tax regime.
You can also take advantage of various other tools and calculators like HRA Calculator, Advance Tax Calculator and more for easier tax filing.
DIGITAX platform will help you choose the ITR that you should file based on the tax plan selected or data fed. 
To file Income Tax return with Trading activity, you can use the table below to file the ITR form that is applicable for you:
Income Situation ITR Form
Equity Delivery Trading, Mutual Funds Trading (Capital Gains Income) ITR-2
Equity Delivery Trading, Mutual Funds Trading (Business Income) ITR-3
Equity Intraday Trading, Equity F&O Trading, Commodity Trading, Currency Trading (Business Income) ITR-3
Opted for Presumptive Taxation u/s 44AD ITR-4
Opted for Presumptive Taxation u/s 44AD + Capital Gains Income ITR-3
Audit is applicable in the following scenarios:
  • Total Trading Turnover does not exceed Rs. 1 crore but if you have incurred losses or have made a profit of less than 6%
  • Total Trading Turnover is more than Rs. 1 crore but does not exceed Rs. 2 crore. Audit is applicable if you have incurred losses or have made a profit of less than 6% or have not opted for presumptive taxation
  • Total Trading Turnover exceeds Rs. 2 crore
Yes. Once you have uploaded all your trading statements, you can add other income sources, including salary, business income, house property, etc. You can also add tax deductions, tax credits, and more.
If you are stuck during the process for tax filing, you can select the 'Need Help? Go Plus' icon on the top right corner of your screen.
You will be charged a nominal amount, after which you will be able to connect with one of DIGITAX experts over a 30 minute Google Meet to resolve all your queries.
You can also switch to any of DIGITAX CA Assisted Plans anytime until you submit your ITR on the platform.
You can still file your return by uploading your statement, and your ITR will be prepared according to the capital gains/loss incurred from your MF Investments.
Any notice received will be assisted with at no extra charge provided the information furnished by you is accurate and complete.
You will not be able to modify any details once you have submitted your return. Before final submission, you will be able to review or modify any of the details entered.
Once you submit your return, your data is sent to the Income Tax Department of India. You will receive a mail to e-Verify your return. This needs to be authenticated within 120 days of filing the return and only then will your ITR be processed. During e-Verify, all the details entered by you on DIGITAX platform will be auto-populated on the Income Tax Portal and you can make payment of the tax due to you.
Soon, you will be able to e-Verify your return through our platform and also make payments directly!
There are 6 ways through which you can e-Verify your return:
  • Aadhar OTP
  • Bank Account
  • Demat Account
  • NetBanking
  • Bank ATM
  • Physical verification of ITR by sending a copy of ITR-V to CPC, Bangalore
You can easily track your refund status for a particular Assessment Year just be entering your PAN.
You can access your Refund Status by clicking here.
Yes, you can file taxes for others as well. All your profiles will be kept separate once added and you will have to file tax returns for all these accounts individually.
Tax Returns > Prepare ITR > Tax Payers > Add Taxpayer
Please click here for all your solutions.
Payment once made for any service will be non-refundable, regardless of whether the service is availed or not.


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